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Health Insurance

Get the Health Insurance coverage you NEED

Health insurance can be complicated.


There are so many options and it's hard to know what you're getting into.

You have a lot of health care choices, but not all plans work the same way or offer the same services for your money. Some even have hidden costs that can surprise you down the road, right when you need them most.


The wrong choice could cost more than expected or leave out important features like prescription drug coverage, dental care, vision exams and glasses, etc...

We've negotiated with some of the top health insurers in Minnesota and across the nation to bring you affordable health insurance plans that cover exactly what you want. We listen to you, come back with recommendations that we think would benefit YOU, discuss your options, and then make the best decision. All while keeping YOU the primary focus.

We'll help find a plan that fits your budget, without sacrificing quality healthcare insurance coverage. 

- Medicare Health/Drug Plans

- Group Health Plans

- Individual Health Plans

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